Generating a Tracking URL

This guide will walk you through generating a measurement URL to allow you to track our campaign performance in your Attribution Analytics by Tune dashboard. This will not impact our campaign performance or optimization, it will simply allow you to see our performance in your Tune dashboard. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Account Manager in case of any questions.

Please bear in mind that if you’re planning to run campaigns for more than one app (e.g. iOS and Android), you will need to repeat the procedure for each app.

    1. Navigate to the Measurement URL creation page
      1. Login to your Attribution Analytics by Tune account.
      2. Click on “Measurement URLs” in the lefthand navigation (under the “Partners” heading).
      3. Click on the “Create Measurement URL” button


    2. Set up the Measurement URL
      1. Mobile App: Select the app for which you’ll be running a campaign with Remerge
      2. Partner: Remerge GmbH
      3. Campaign Information: Click on “Edit”. Select either an existing campaign or create a new one (Campaign name)
      4. URL Function: Select “Download and Deeplink” to cover both scenarios (user has your app still installed and will be deeplinked or user has de-installed the app already and should be redirected to the app store)
      5. Destination URL: Either select an existing app store URL or define a new one (e.g. iTunes or Google Play Store)
      6. Deeplink URL: Either select an existing deeplink or define a new one (e.g. myscheme://homescreen, myscheme://order). Please ensure, that the scheme is registred and working properly
      7.  Parameters:(optional): You can add additional parameters to be passed via the Click URL (e.g. Campaign Name). Note that these parameters are not relevant for either ours or Tune’s tracking.
      8. URL previews: This will be the URLs you will need to send to your Remerge Account Manager.
        1. Measurement Click URL: If you click the tab “Click”, that will show the Click URL that can be used to track clicks and  apply Click-Through-Attribution.
        2. Measurement Impression URL: If you click the tab “Impression”, that will show the Tracking-Pixel URL that can be used to track impression and also apply View-Through-Attribution.



3.  Please send your newly created measurement URL to your Remerge Account Manager for use in your campaign