Transferring Historical Data

This guide will help you transfer historical data from your Kochava integration to Remerge. Please feel free to contact your Remerge Account Manager should you have any questions.

  1. Select an App
    1. Log in to your Kochava account.
    2. Select “Apps” from the navigation near the upper-left corner
    3. Select the app whose historical data you would like to transfer to Remerge
  2. Pull a Report
    1. Click on the “Reports” tab
    2. Recipients: In addition to your own, enter the email address of your Remerge Account Manager
    3. Start date: Select a start date for the report – the earlier the date, the bigger the audience forwarded to Remerge
    4. End date: Select the date your Remerge postback integration went live
    5. Type: Select “Matched Installs”
    6. Include in Report: Check Site, Creative and Date
    7. Network: Choose “All”
    8. Add to Queue: Once you add a report to the queue, the report will be prepared and you’ll receive an email notification with a link when the reports are ready for download.
    9. The colored circle indicates the status of each report.  They are as follows:
      • Blue – Pending
      • Yellow – Processing
      • Green – Sent
  3. Forward the Report: Once the report is ready, please get in touch with your Remerge Account Manager to confirm that they’ve received the report as anticipated.