Setting Up Postbacks

This guide will help you understand which actions are required from your side in order to activate the event stream from Tune to Remerge. Please always reach out to your Remerge Account Manager in case of any questions.


  1. Log in to Attribution Analytics by Tune account.
  2. In the navigation (on the left-hand side), under the Partners section, click “Integrations”.        
  3. Search for “Remerge GmbH” and click on “Enable”
  4. You can ignore the following dialogue box and just click on “confirm”
  5. Click on “Postbacks” on the second tab
  6. Click on “Custom” on the right-hand side and then click “Add Postback URL”
  7. Generate the postback URL using the numbers in the screenshot and the instructions below

integrated partners


  1. Define a meaningful name for the postback (to recognize it again in the overview)
  2. Select “Advertising Partner” from the dropdown
  3. Search for “Remerge GmbH” and click on the search result underneath
  4. Select the postback template “Other event / event / all”
  5. In case Remerge GmbH might not already be selected, please select it.
  6. In case the correct app you want to set up postbacks for is not already selected, please select the right on.
  7. Select “All Events” from the dropdown menu and check the box “Re-Engagement Event”
  8. Check the radio button “Send all events”
  9. Check the radio button “Send events inside or outside of window”
  10. Please send this postback URL to your Remerge AM to double-check that everything’s correct
  11. Click “Save”
Tune Postback new
Inform your Remerge Account Manager when the seeding is activated to confirm that data is arriving accurately!