Setting Up Postbacks

This guideline will help you understand which actions are required from your side in order to activate the event stream from Apsalar to Remerge. Please do not hesitate to contact your Account Manager in case of any questions.

Note: If you are planning to run campaigns for more than one app (i.e. iOS and Android), you will need to repeat the following process for each app.

  1. Navigate to the Postback Setup Page
    1. Login to your Apsalar account.
    2. Select “Setup” from the left-hand navigation
    3. Navigate to the “Attribution Tracking” page
    4. Click on the “Postback URLs” tab
    5. Click the “Create New Postback” buttonUntitled 2
  2. Create a New Postback
    1. Postback Recipient: Select “Remerge” from the drop-down menu.
    2. Application: From the application drop-down menu, select the application whose events you would like to postback to Remerge.
    3. Event Type: Select the event type for the postback you wish to set up (e.g. “Re-engagement”).
      • Apsalar divides events into the four different event types shown below. You will need to setup a separate postback for each event type that you track.
      • You will also need to setup a separate postback for each custom event by selecting the name of the custom event from the drop-down menu and repeating for all custom events.
  3. Configure the Postback
    1. Postback Status: Choose “Active.”
    2. Attribution Rules: Choose “Send all events from all sources.”
    3. Click the “Create Postback” button in the bottom right to save each postback. Your postback will now be visible in the “Postback URLs” table on your “Attribution Tracking” page
    4. Repeat the postback creation process for all event types
  4. Verification & Support

    Please email your Account Manager to confirm that we are receiving your events as expected.