Setting Up Postbacks and Creating Tracking Links

This guide will help you understand which actions are required from your side in order to activate the event stream from AppsFlyer to Remerge. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager should you have any questions.

  1. Select Remerge as a Media Source
    1. Log in to your AppsFlyer account.
    2. Select the app you want to activate the data stream and run a campaign for on the top left side.
    3. Make sure you switched on “Re-Targeting Measurement”Clicks_on_Appsflyer_Dashboard_-_marian_remerge_io_-_Remerge_GmbH_Mail
    4. Click on “Media Source Configuration” under the “Configuration” section.
    5. Type in “Remerge” and click on our logo.
  2. Configure “Integration Parameters”
    1. Enter a campaign if you like.
    2. If you do have a deeplink scheme in place enter it in the Deeplink URL text field.
    3. Tick the “Re-targeting campaign” checkbox to add the parameter “is_retareting=true” to the Tracking Link
    4. Select the “Click Attribution Lookback Window”, that you have discussed with your Remerge Account Manager
    5. Check the “Enable” box to send all launch events to Remerge           
    6. The URL in the box “Tracking Link” needs to be sent to your Remerge Account Managerremeger_ticked
      For iOS your tracking URL should be a OneLink Tracking URL, for Android the standard tracker with appended deeplink parameter (af_dp=) is just fine. For Android it is important you implemented point 5.6 from the Android SDK instruction manual.
    7. When setting up the OneLink for iOS, make sure the media source is remerge_int (To be entered in the marked textfield)
      Enabling OneLink for iOS in Appsflyer also means enabling Universal Links in Apple. Please view our separate guide for it here. Enabling Universal Links and OneLink is essential to be able to deep link users with > iOS 9.2 operating systems.
      Please double-check that you implemented point 5.7 and 5.12 from the iOS SDK instruction manual.
      Please note: OneLink is the only way to target all iOS users. Unfortunately, the OneLink only takes care of attributions, but will not notify Appsflyer of the click. The only time Appsflyer will register a click is if the user did not have the app installed anymore.
  3. Configure “In App Events”
    1. Select the “In App Events” tab.
    2. From the “Send In-App events to Remerge” drop-down menu, select “All in-app events (To enable: Re-targeting, optimization, PPE).”
    3. Select either “Map all SDK events” or a specific event you want to forward to Remerge
    4. NOTE: If you select “Map all SDK events” the “af_app_opened” event will not be sent.
    5. If there are additional information attached to an event (e.g. Revenue for Purchase events) you want to forward to remerge, check the “Send Value” box.
    6. Click “Save & Close” to save your postback
  4. Verification & Support

    For Remerge to check out data on the Appsflyer dashboard directly, you can enable permissions for Remerge:

    Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 16.21.51

    Please email your Account Manager to confirm that we are receiving your events as expected.