Activating Data Transmission

This guide will help you understand which actions are required from your side in order to activate the event data stream from Flurry Pulse to Remerge. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager in case you have any questions.

  1. Select Remerge as a Media Source
    1. Log in to your Flurry Account
    2. Click on the Pulse tab on the top navigation bar.flurry1
    3. Click on the “Add Rule” Button
    4. Enter the required information as shown on the screenshot below:
      1. Select the App you want to activate the data stream for.
      2. Enter a name for your real, which you can connect with Remerge (e.g. “Remerge Data Stream).
      3. Select the events you want to transmit. Either a single one or multiple events you want to send.
      4. Select the App Versions you want to apply the data stream for (suggested: All Versions).
      5. Select Remerge as a partner and click on “Add Callback”.
      6. Click on “Save & Enable” to finalise the setup.
      7. Once data is flowing you will see the rule in the overview.



2. Verification & Support

Please email your Account Manager to confirm that we are receiving your events as expected.