Firebase Postback

This guide will help you understand which actions are required from your side in order to activate the event stream from Google Firebase to Remerge. Please always reach out to your Remerge Account Manager in case of any questions.

  1. Log in to Google Firebase.
  2. To get to the partner setup page, please click as followed:
    1. Analytics
    2. Attribution
    3. Network Settings
    4. New NetworkFirebase1
  3. Click on Campaign Source and enter “Remerge”.
  4. Optional you can add a campaign medium (e.g. Retargeting)
  5. Activate the “Configure Postback” toggle.
  6. Select the events you want to pass to Remerge (best case: select all).
  7. Select “All Conversions” in the right dropdown menu in order to send all events to Remerge
  8. Check with your Remerge Account Manager if the data stream is active.Firebase3