Sending Events to Remerge from mParticle

This guide will help you understand how to activate the event stream from mParticle to Remerge. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Remerge Account Manager should you have any questions.

  1. Log in to your mParticle account.
  2. Configure the Remerge Event Integration
    1. Select the “Integration” icon from the left-hand side navigationremerge_integration
    2. Select your app from the app dropdown menu
    3. Select the Remerge tile to display the integration details                    integration details
  3. Click on “Activate a Platform”
  4. Enter the Remerge specific parameters – Remerge API Key, as shared by your Remerge Account Manager and Remerge Customer ID, which represents the AppStore ID / Package Name (e.g. Facebook iTunes:284882215 or Facebook Android:com.facebook.katana)
  5.     remerge api key
  6. Toggle the Status slider to “On”
  7. Click “Save” to enable event data to be forwarded from your app to Remerge
  8. Please email your Remerge Account Manager to confirm that we are receiving your events as expected.