Attribution Settings

In order to align our numbers with the numbers that you see in Tune it is very important that we are aware of your attribution settings for Remerge inside the Tune dashboard. Specifically, we would need the number of days that you have set for the “Identifier Attribution Window” that basically determines the allowed period of time between a click and a conversion.To access your advertising partner’s attribution settings:

  1. Login to Attribution Analytics by Tune account.
  2. In the navigation (on the left side), under the “Partners” section, click “Integrations”
  3. On the”Integrations” page (on the right side), search for”Remerge” and Click on Setup on the very right side:Attribution Windows3
  4. On the partner page, click “Attribution Settings” as shown in the screenshot below:Attribution Windows2
  5. We would need the settings for the “Identifier Attribution Window” as it is shown in the screenshot below:
    1. If you want to apply View-Trough-Attribution, you would need to set the toggle to “enabled” above the settings table, so you can adjust these Attribution Windows
    2. Impression Attribution View Percentage can be ignored for Remerge campaigns, as it only applies on Video Ad Delivery.Attribution_Analytics
  6. Send the settings for your Attribution Windows to your Remerge Account Manager.