Setting Up Support for Universal Links

Since the release of iOS 9.2, Apple changed the way deep links are handled in iOS. For supporting “universal links” you’ll need to carry out a few additional steps on the Appsflyer Dashboard as well as in your app itself to provide the best user experience. This will be done with OneLink.

You can find some additional information on universal linking provided by

Important Information About Universal Linking

There are the steps to run campaigns with OneLink and Universal Link support

  1. Implement point 5.7 and 5.12 from the iOS SDK instruction manual
  2. Implement the Universal Link in your app code
    1. Create a universal link url on your Appsflyer dashboard with using your iOS Team ID
    2. Submit that URL to your app code
    3. Find exact instructions HERE
  3. Setup a OneLink Tracking URL on Appsflyer
    1. Find exact instructions HERE

Important Information About Click Tracking

With the OneLink solution Appsflyer does not count clicks.
The OneLink is a solution to deep linking iOS users with OS versions > 9.2 and making sure the in-app events are attributed to the correct source.
The only time Appsflyer’s dashboard will register a click is if the user did not have the app installed anymore and Appsflyer had to send him to the store first before they send the user to the deep link location.