Setting Up Support for Universal Links

Since the release of iOS 9.2, Apple changed the way deep links are handled in iOS. For supporting “universal links” you’ll need to carry out a few additional steps on the Adjust Dashboard as well as in your app itself to provide the best user experience.

You can find some additional information on universal linking provided by

Important Information About Universal Linking

  1. Log in to your Adjust account at
  2. Select “Apps” from the left navigation tab
  3. Select the app of the campaign that you’ll be running with Remerge
  4. Click on “Platform Settings”
  5. Click on “Universal Linking”
  6. Enter both the iOS Bundle ID and iOS Team ID (both are provided by Apple)
  7. A universal link will be created which then needs to be implemented in your app
  8. You can find a detailed guide of the process for doing this in Adjust’s documentation.


It is absolutely required that Universal Link is enabled in the Adjust Dashboard.

How Universal Links affect the standard tracker URL
Once Universal Link is enabled the standard Adjust tracker URL with the appended &deep_link parameter works just perfectly for iOS and Android. We can use the same tracker URL as before – the only difference being that it now works also for the higher iOS versions. This setup is highly recommended.

What if I use the Direct Universal Link from Adjust?
The direct universal link sends the user directly to the wanted in-app page without notifying Adjust about the click.
Adjust only receives click notification if the user did not have the app installed anymore.
To avoid higher discrepancies it is recommended to use the standard tracker URL with deep_link parameter.

What if I implemented the Universal Link solution already on my own?

Remerge is happy to work with your custom universal link solution. Let us know how it works and what the fallbacks are in case a user does not have the app anymore so we can test it. In order to attribute the events correctly with your own link, you can just append the adjust tracker to your own custom url (&adjust_tracker=f0ob4r). This will allow the Adjust SDK to attribute conversions to the correct partner. In addition, Remerge will use the standard tracker URL to notify Adjust about the clicks server side.